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Khristian Thukizakna                                   

Khristian Thukizakna, or KTZ is the official publication of the Evangelical Baptist Convention. It is a monthly publication containing articles, news and prayer guides relating to the work and activities of the EBC. However, articles and views expressed in this publication does not necessarily reflect the views and expression of the Evangelical Baptist Convention. It is currently available only in the Paite dialect.


You can now just click the links below and browse Khristian Thukizakna in HTML format.


Khristian Thukizakna February 2001

Khristian Thukizakna March 2001

Khristian Thukizakna April 2001

Khristian Thukizakna January 2002

Khristian Thukizakna February 2002

Khristian Thukizakna March 2002

Khristian Thukizakna April 2002

Khristian Thukizakna May 2002

Khristian Thukizakna June 2002

Khristian Thukizakna July 2002

Khristian Thukizakna August 2002

Khristian Thukizakna September 2002

Khristian Thukizakna October 2002


Apology: We feel sorry that we could not update these pages as often as desired because the internet connection here, through which we are maintaining this site, is quite slow and often out of order most of the time. Even the telephone sometimes does not work for over a month. Please bear with us. We would highly appreciate your feedback.


Articles and others for the Khristian Thukizakna (KTZ) may be sent to:

        The Editor

        Khristian Thukizakna

        PO Box - 6, Dorcas Hall


        Manipur - 795128



        P: +91-3874-33340

        F: +91-3874-33340

        E: ebc.india@gmail.com


Disclaimer: The content of a particular article in the Khristian Thukizakna (KTZ) does not necessarily reflect the views and expressions of the Evangelical Baptist Convention. The author alone is responsible for his article.


Theihding: Thusuah sung a kigente Evangelical Baptist Convention Saptuam ngaihdan ahi kim khol kei. Thusuahte in amau thusuah ah moh a pawtek ding uh.


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