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The Evangelical Baptist Convention

Who are we?

The Evangelical Baptist Convention is one of the biggest Church among the tribal groups in the North Eastern part of India. Its headquarters, Dorcas Hall, is located at New Lamka, Churachandpur within the state of Manipur. It celebrated the Golden Jubilee Year of its Ministries in 1998. The EBC is a proud member of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). It is registered with the State Government in Manipur as well as with the Central Government in India. It is eligible to receive all types of tax-free foreign contributions.

Regd No 2294 of 1977 under Societies Act XXI of 1860


Regd No 194160016 of 1985 with Ministry of Home Affairs


The Executive Secretary is the Chief Functionary of the Church and the overall head of all departments. Under him, three elected Directors were looking after the departments of Missions, Church Ministries and Institutions. The Church is divided into six Administrative Districts, each under a District Superintendent who is also elected for a term of three years. Each Mission field is also placed under one senior missionary designated as Field Superintendent. The ministry department is having the Youth, Women, and Child departments. Menís department is yet to be started. Preliminary steps have been initiated and the task will be taken up soon in the new millennium.



The Grace Bible College, an M Div level institution, is the only theological training institute of the EBC. It is affiliated/accredited to the Asia Theological Association. The college has very basic infrastructure and needs more infrastructure to accommodate even more students, who were coming not only from Manipur, but from neighboring states and from far away places like Nepal and Myanmar. The college is unable to meet these requirements on its own. The college face even more hardships because of the ethnic violence which took place in the locality during the year 1997-98. Please pray for these.


Over and above the 32 schools that survived the horror of ethnic violence (1997-1998), 12 more were re-established in 2000 AD! A giant project! This become inescapable in view of the total failure of government schools in the hill areas. Please pray for and be a partner in providing secular and Christian education.


We are still unable to upgrade our outdated printing press with modern offset technology using computers due to the high setup-cost involved. The Evangelical Book House, which is our publishing and sales outlet is in need of upgradation and improvement.


We have a Lamka Rehabilitation and Research Centre (LRRC). This is a project for drug related services such as research & investigation of root-cause, de-addiction centre, counselling centre, RIAC (Rapid Intervention and Care) unit, Elim Care for Orphans and Destitutes, relief and rehabilitation. The last one, that is, Relief and Rehabilitation becomes an important part of our ministry after the ethnic violence that destroyed more than half of our membersí living conditions and developments! But the task could not be speeded up due to lack of resources. Many Church buildings are yet to be reconstructed after destruction in ethnic violence. However, funds are inadequate and we are in need of large-scale help in this task. This badly affects the worship services and church ministries of EBC. Please pray and be a partner.


We are also taking up new projects like ELIM RURAL HOSPITAL-cum-MOBILE DISPENSARY UNIT to cater the needs of thousands of people in the remote hill areas, where even the basic facilities are not available. This will be a boon for those poor villagers who are dying every year due to the spread of epidemics and lack of proper care. Another big project ahead is EBENEZER RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL, which will provide free boarding and messing to about a hundred economically backward students, especially children of full time Mission workers. We pray that the Lord will supply our needs in these projects. Please do remember us in your prayers.


We started partnership programs in missions with various agencies such as the Indian Evangelical Missions (IEM), Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), Overseas Mission Fellowship (OMF), Tangsa Baptist Churches Association (TBCA). We have two senior missionaries at present in the OMF in Thailand and IEM respectively. Doctors, nurses, outreach workers, missionaries, trained and qualified, are waiting for sponsorship to go out to the un-reached fields of Asia. In EBC, we have the manpower, but resource is lacking at present. Please pray the Lord of harvest will enable this giant task to be achieved! We support missionaries working in these agencies. This partnership in missions is proving fruitful and encouraging!


(as on June 2001)

Membership: 45,810 members (121 local congregations)

Full communicant members: 24,479

Regular tithers: 9,887. New tithers during 2000 are 805 in number.

EBC run schools: 59 with about 3,323 students. Number of workers on our payroll is 282 including 80 active outreach workers in three mission fields of Nepal, Assam and Manipur.

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